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Balanced Jet Technology

Meeting the climate control needs of products or occupants inside large buildings


Every system by Jet Environmental Systems has three major components: A source of heating cooling and fresh air ventilation, an air distribution network and a control system that determines the system operation. 


The source of heat and cooling is rapidly turning towards air sourced heat pumps for an all electric solution and we at Jet Environmental strive to use the latest environmentally friendly refrigerants. Jet has developed a standard range of packaged heat pumps that combine the refrigeration circuits and air handling in one convenient package.  


The hallmark of a Jet system is the balanced nozzle air distribution layout. The conditioned air from the air handling units is carried throughout the internal space by spiral wound or fabric ductwork. The ductwork has nozzles of various sizes that are computer calculated at the design stage to ensure an even distribution throughout the space. Being sized at the design stage means there is no adjustment required on site and no need for control dampers.

Sensors placed throughout the controlled space feed back temperature and humidity information in order for the system to determine what action is required. Our control philosophy is to maintain the desired conditions at lowest energy usage.  

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