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Heat Pumps

Installing and fine tuning to your needs


Heat pumps are very much in vogue with the drive to eliminate the use of fossil fuels at a local level. Heat pumps themselves; a refrigeration device that produces mechanical cooling in summer and heat in winter have been around for a while but their use in an industrial setting is relatively new and there are many misconceptions. Jet Environmental has an enviable record in installing large heat pump systems and have overcome many of the hidden challenges heat pumps present. We also manufacture hybrid natural gas/heat pump solutions that overcome some of the low temperature difficulties heat pumps present. We also do hot water heat pump systems that operate in very low ambient temperature conditions.  


Retrofit gas heating replacements are a speciality and we have overcome the major obstacle that a heat pump doesn’t produce the heat that natural gas does. If your organisation is looking to reduce it’s carbon footprint please talk to us as part of your journey, we have a wealth of experience that we’d like to share. 

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