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Service and Maintenance

Lifetime System Management


We recognise that a large-scale HVAC system is both a significant capital investment and most likely a critical component of storing valuable inventory. We have geared our Service & Maintenance team up around the criticality our systems play in customers’ supply chains.

We have a team of dedicated specialist HVAC engineers well versed in gas heating, chillers, heat pumps and controls. Our planned preventative maintenance programmes are designed to ensure reliable trouble-free operation.

Another key option is for us to install 24/7 monitoring and alarms that alert our 24 hour service & diagnostics centre if there is a fault or system issue. This allows us to respond immediately and have relevant skilled engineers on site in the shortest possible time.

We are experts in our systems and what sets us apart is our ability to understand our customers’ businesses and build trusted partnerships; creating an environment where we are an extension of your business.

Handling extreme weather conditions is our speciality with hybrid heat pump and water based systems taking care of heating in low external conditions and misting to increase the efficacy of cooling systems in summer heat peaks.

Our expert team of administrators; Amy, Jodie and Josie are here to discuss any service query you have. 

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