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Xerox - Dublin

Xerox - Dublin

Xerox is the world's largest diversified business process outsourcing company. It has a major presence in diverse sectors such as education, transport, communication, healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods and retail.

The brief
Working with our Irish agent, Kugler, we were asked to provide the design and nozzles for the heating and ventilation systems serving this major facility for the manufacture, storage, distribution and servicing of printing products.

The solution
We selected eight Jet Environmental air induction systems to serve the multi- building complex. Separate buildings were provided to meet the variety of applications associated with the project, including process areas, electronic components, workshops and storage.

The systems, which together supply a total of 56.75 m3/s of conditioned air, meet a wide range of temperature and ventilation requirements for occupants, products and processes.

Specific requirements:

  • process make-up air
  • provide heating, frost protection and summer ambient cooling

Technical data

Data Low bay
Length (m) 250
Width (m) 100
Average height (m) 10
Floor area (m²) 25,000
Volume (m3) 250,000
Number of units/ systems 8
Heater types LPHW


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