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The Solution

Jet Environmental supplies equipment for a range of HVAC installations - and a lot more besides.

Working with Jet Environmental

At Jet Environmental we'll work with you to design, build, install and maintain an HVAC system specific to your needs.

Customers choose us because:

  • we're specialists in creating even temperature environments - crucial for products such as pharmaceuticals and chocolate
  • we can work around processes and services such as lighting, high bay racking, advertising displays, alarm systems and sprinklers - this maximises operational space and achieves an aesthetic HVAC solution
  • we can reduce heating related energy costs by up to 30 per cent
  • to distribute the same volume of air as competitor systems, our systems operate at significantly lower pressures
  • we can work with M&E contractors to design and supply systems in kit form - where the HVAC system is a component part of a wider project, this cuts duplication of labour and saves money
  • we offer a fast track installation programme that reduces on-site time - and costs

At Jet Environmental, we'll assess your individual buildings and devise bespoke high performance solutions.

We specialise in meeting climate control needs in large, complex buildings such as warehouses and distribution centres, sports arenas, aircraft hangars, pharmaceutical facilities, production facilities and exhibition halls.

We use low resistance distribution systems and flexible, high performance nozzle technology to maintain complete air distribution and temperature control.

Why Jet Environmental?

Our HVAC solutions provide flexible environmental control to meet all types of environmental criteria. Choose Jet Environmental for:

  • overall heating, cooling and ventilation
  • specific zone heating, cooling and ventilation
  • frost protection and a safeguard against condensation
  • make-up air for factories
  • free cooling via a fresh air supply
  • a comfortable environment for employees and customers
  • specific cooling to meet regulatory requirements
  • an aesthetic HVAC solution
  • constantly regulated temperatures
  • controlled air movement throughout operational spaces
  • optimum efficiency via the entrainment and recycling of waste heat (from lighting, machinery or production processes)