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Retail Park Stores

Keeping retail customers comfortable

Out of town retail outlets, though smaller than traditional warehouses, present unique design challenges.

Being open to the public, the image your store portrays to customers is extremely important. Environmental systems must be unobtrusive, yet provide an excellent ambience for customers.

Jet Environmental’s balanced jet systems are manufactured to the highest standards. Where visible, they contribute to, rather than detract from, the aesthetic of the store infrastructure.

They also provide quiet, draft free heating and cooling and deliver even temperatures throughout the store.



Case study

Pavers Ltd, better known as Paver Shoes, is a family-owned footwear business operating in the UK and Ireland. Established by Catherine Paver in 1971, Paver Shoes has 70 stores across UK and Ireland. Every store is fulfilled from the company's head office in York. Read the case study.

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