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Research and Development

Jet Environmental's induction nozzle range and system options are the results of evolutionary improvements and dedicated development.

At Jet Environmental, we use a cutting-edge technique in computer modelling known as computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We conducted research with the government research agency, QinetiQ, and Birmingham University. This resulted in the Balanced Jet range of high performance nozzles. Balanced Jet nozzles feature the lowest friction co-efficient of any nozzles available, produce high levels of directional stability and deliver accurate air volumes.

Our latest research focuses on control systems. We recognise that energy-efficient, high performance hardware needs a sophisticated controls philosophy behind it. Working with Coventry University, we're striving to help you cut costs and energy consumption.

To maximise performance and enhance our maintenance scheduling, we can monitor your system remotely and continuously log performance and operating data. This ensures your system is always optimised for performance and economy.