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RAF Coningsby - Lincolnshire

RAF Coningsby - Lincolnshire

RAF Coningsby has been a key frontline station in the defence of the United Kingdom for over 70 years.

Home to 3,000 RAF personnel, civil servants and contractors who keep the station operational around the clock, the station represents almost 80 years of air warfighting capability. Aircraft at RAF Coningsby include the Lancaster, Dakota, Spitfires and Hurricanes of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), the Tornado GR4 and the multi-role Typhoons of the Coningsby Wing squadrons.

The brief
Jet Environmental was awarded the contract to provide heating and ventilation to the Domestic Services Flight (DSF) and the BBMF stores at the Coningsby base. Both stores are used for storing goods, the BBMF housing irreplaceable spares and uniforms for the Flight, which operates from the station.

The solution
The building accommodating the stores, which were engineered to meet specific building and application criteria, are served by two Jet Environmental air induction systems. The first system served the main BBMF and DSF stores areas with an additional system serving the Barracks shop, laundry and clothes store.

Both systems maintain the stores at a temperature of 16°C during the winter and provide full fresh air in the summer to limit internal temperatures.

Technical data

Data DSF and BBMF store Barracks shop, laundry
and clothes store
Length (m) 68 36
Width (m) 36 14
Average height (m) 7.6 6.6
Floor area (m²) 2,417 514
Volume (m3) 18,365 3,370
Number of units/ systems 1 1
Heater types Indirect gas Indirect gas

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