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Controlled drugs temperature controlled

Warehouses storing pharmaceutical products must comply with MHRA regulations where even ‘ambient’ requires a level of control to limit the maximum internal temperature. Additionally, manufacturers stipulate product specific recommendations with stringent temperature tolerances. This means constant monitoring and compliance reporting must be carried out by the Responsible Person.

Jet Environmental is a specialist in the pharmaceutical sector with many successful installations in large and niche operations. We estimate that over 50 per cent of medicines prescribed in the UK pass through a warehouse distribution centre temperature controlled by Jet Environmental.

We offer a complete environmental solution to drug manufacturers and distributors. This comprises bespoke system design, quick installation considerate of ongoing operations if necessary and a solution that is self monitoring from a matrix of sensors. System monitoring and self adjustment is recorded for proof of environmental compliance with the added facility of remote connections to smart phone devices.

The advantage of a Jet Environmental system doesn’t stop there. We know mechanical cooling can be expensive to run, so our system incorporates free cooling techniques that minimise cooling plant operation for reduced  running costs and minimal carbon footprint.

Our goal is to become the global provider of temperature control systems for the pharmaceutical sector.


Case study

PHOENIX Healthcare is one of the top five pharmaceutical wholesalers in the world. It operates exclusively in Europe, with its headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. PHOENIX Healthcare's wholesale activities cover most of the major European markets and the company has a leading position in emerging countries. Read the case study.

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