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British Airways Engineering - Heathrow Airport

British Airways Engineering - Heathrow Airport

British Airways Engineering is the aircraft maintenance subsidiary of British Airways. It provides support services to British Airways (BA) and other airlines.

The company is responsible for the entire BA Boeing 747 fleet maintenance, cabin interior conversions and general ramp maintenance work for BA's fleet and other airlines.

There are three main technical blocks (TBs) at Heathrow - TBJ, TBK and TBA.

The brief
Jet Environmental won a contract to provide a temperature control solution in TBK. This comprises two hangars, referred to as bays 3 and 4. Bay 3 is a large aircraft paint facility. Bay 4 is a long haul casualty hangar.

Our challenge was to create a system to maintain ambient temperature in TBK bay 3 at 25°C. This is the ideal temperature for paint curing in a hangar acting as the drying area for aircraft receiving a fresh coat of paint. All plant was to be externally located.

The solution
Working with M&E contractor, Durrs, we sited three gas-fired AHUs on the roof, with the ductwork secured to the hangar's outside walls. Air nozzles located in the roof space were directed into the centre of the hangar to provide warm air where it was needed most.

Technical data

Data High area Low area Total
Length (m) 76 76  
Width (m) 25 57  
Average height (m) 32 21  
Floor area (m²) 1,900 4,332 6,232
Number of units/ systems 1 2 3
Heater types Direct gas Direct gas  

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