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An Post - Dublin

An Post Main Sorting Office - Dublin

An Post is a major commercial organisation providing postal, communication, retail and financial services.

One of Ireland's largest companies, An Post directly employs over 10,000 people through its national network of retail, processing and delivery points.

The brief
Working through our Irish agent, Kugler, we were involved in the refurbishment and extension of An Post's main sorting office in Dublin. Operations in the facility had to remain unaffected by the project. With our track record in the postal sector, we were chosen to provide a heating, cooling and ventilation system in the transformed sorting office.

The solution
The client required the system to meet widely varying occupancy patterns and process the heat gains associated with a mechanised sorting office. We installed four Jet Environmental AHU systems, providing heating, cooling and ventilation. The systems provide 2.5 air changes per hour of heated or cooled air without perceptible air movement within the occupancy zone. We phased our work around the client's operational cycle to minimise disruption.

Specific requirements:

  • phased installation programme
  • cooling and heating
  • high ventilation rates
  • even temperature distribution
  • minimum air movement

Technical data

Data Assembly 1 Assembly 2 Total
Length (m) 116 80  
Width (m) 48 48  
Average height (m) 8.5 8.5  
Floor area (m²) 5,544 38,455,680 9,408
Volume (m3) 47,328 32,640 79,968
Number of units/ systems 2 2 4
Heater types LPHW LPHW  

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