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Jet Environmental will save you money through low installation and operating costs.

Close temperature control                                             

For certain applications, such as pharmaceutical and food environments, close temperature control is essential to safe storage. The mixing effect from the balanced jet induction nozzles ensures low temperature gradients, both horizontally and vertically, throughout a space.

Traditional solutions, even with the use of de-stratification fans, typically result in vertical gradients of 0.5°C to 1.0°C per metre height of the building. Even in a modest building, this can mean the temperature at high level is 10°C warmer than at low level. By comparison, the temperature range within a building served by a Jet Environmental induction air system would be +/- 1.0°C throughout the complete space.

Low maintenance

Our solution is based on central plant arrangements and self-balancing distribution systems. The benefits of this design strategy are:

  • no need for any moving parts within the distribution system, so high level access for maintenance is eliminated in most cases - this means faster, safer and cheaper maintenance
  • systems can be served by robust and durable engineering components within the air handling units and heating/cooling plant - this means lower whole life costs

With optional remote monitoring of your system, we can detect any degradation in system performance before it becomes an issue and have engineers on site fast to remedy any problem.

Our unique design process enables us to develop bespoke balanced jet air induction systems. This means you'll enjoy reduced energy consumption and lower noise levels. You'll also save money on installation and routine maintenance for the life of your Jet Environmental system.

Through industry best design, technical expertise and tailored selection from our range of nozzles, your HVAC system will be self-balancing.

This means you'll benefit from:

  • reduced installation costs
  • rapid commissioning process - our balanced jet systems are far quicker to install than high velocity air induction based systems

Energy efficiency
Balanced jet induction air systems provide the most energy-efficient heating and cooling through a combination of equipment and control strategies. This is because:

  • the high induction effect from the discharge nozzles produces very low temperature gradients, removing the need to over heat/cool in certain areas to keep within temperature limits - compared to traditional systems this can cut energy use by 20 – 30 per cent
  • heat gains within the space are evenly re-distributed, reducing the amount of top-up heating required, thus cutting costs. In a traditional system, this waste heat would build up under the roof and be lost. During mid-season operation, it's often sufficient to maintain space conditions without top-up heating
  • they can be mated to a wide range of energy sources that provide heating cooling or ventilation
  • they feature TREND controllers allowing interface with other BMS controllers