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Balanced Jet Technology

To develop our balanced technology, we conducted extensive research and development with QinetiQ and Birmingham University.

Routine maintenance is limited to air handling units installed in a designated plant area or separate plant room meaning operational space is unaffected.

This is a huge advantage in densely racked and busy warehouses running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as it allows continuous operation and no down-time.

High velocity air induction systems engineered by Jet Environmental meet the climate control needs of products or occupants inside large buildings.

The market's most efficient range of self-balancing air distribution nozzles is a major departure from the traditional tapered design with integrated damper mechanism. Our design does away with damping/throttling devices within the ductwork system at the outlets. In their place are streamlined nozzles with no moving parts or internal obstructions.

Balanced Jet technology has important green and safety credentials. The co-efficient of friction of the nozzles is 30 per cent lower than that of conventional taper nozzles. This realises an equivalent reduction in total system pressure, which influences fan and motor sizes and cuts enery consumption. 

Furthermore, with no dampers in the distribution system, our induction nozzle systems can be installed and commissioned far more quickly than conventional air induction systems.

By determining the right nozzle diameters at the design stage, we remove the need to install balancing dampers on every nozzle. This cuts the cost of fittings and eliminates post-installation adjustment.

This technological advantage together with our project management expertise will save you time and money.