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Paver Shoes - York

Paver Shoes - York

Pavers Ltd, better known as Paver Shoes, is a family-owned footwear business operating in the UK and Ireland.

Established by Catherine Paver in 1971,the business has 70 stores across UK and Ireland. Every store is fulfilled from the company's head office in York.

The brief
Jet Environmental was chosen by leading Yorkshire mechanical contractor SIAS, to provide an HVAC solution to serve three mezzanine levels at Pavers’ main 5,804 m2 warehouse in York.

Working with building service consultants, Northfield, we were required to design a system to fit in a densely occupied mezzanine and work around racking and other services installed in the area.

The solution
We designed a bespoke AHU fit in the designated plant room. On the first floor mezzanine, we installed a power flue with side wall discharge to bypass the mezzanine floor.

The system was designed to maintain a temperature of 20°C during winter and provide 1-1.5 ach of fresh air for ventilation in the summer.

Specific requirements:

  • mezzanine installation
  • bespoke air handling system
  • summer ventilation

Technical data

Data Ground floor 1st floor 2nd floor
Length (m) 62 62 62
Width (m) 36 29 29
Average height (m) 2.7 2.7 4.1
Floor area (m²) 2,232 1,786 1,786
Volume (m3) 6,026 4,821 5,803
Number of units/ systems 1 2  
Heater types Indirect gas LPHW coil  

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